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These are the latest technical documents that you will need in order to correctly install and operate your Piezography system. Piezography inks are installed in a very precise order that is congruent with the architecture of our Piezography media profiles (“curves”). The media profiles must be used according to our workflow. Make sure that you read our Installation Guides & The Piezography Manual.

Step 1

You will also need QuadtoneRIP if you haven’t already installed it.

Quickstart Guide for Mac

Quickstart Guide for Windows


Custom Piezography P2, K6, & K7 Curves

InkjetMall offers a “linearization” service to fine-tune your Piezography workflow. You may wish to have a custom Piezography curve made if your printer is too far out of spec and does not produce a good result with Piezography K6 and K7 curves. This happens as a printer ages. Another reason for getting a custom curve made is to profile a paper that has not already been profiled by InkjetMall.

Custom Curve Remapping

Piezography offers a lot of possibilities for inkjet printers with one or more permanently clogged ink channels. We can map-out non-functional ink channels for you and take advantage of good working channels. The benefit of this service is that it allows a printer with one or more permanently dead ink channels to be used as a Piezography system.

With this service, you have the choice of either having us modify 5 existing Piezography curves for your unique shade placement, OR have 2 custom curves made for your unique shade placement/setup.

Phone Support & Consultation

We offer free technical support at our customer support form here. But if you have a pressing technical question or want the best-of-the-best while you debug your system, you can call us!


Included in The Piezography Manual are many advanced topic articles such as:

How to Install and Delete QTR Curves
Piezography Gloss Printing Tips
Grayscale Management
Image Preparation for Piezography
Remapping .Quad Files
Printing Ink Separation &  Channel Flush Images in QTR Calibration Mode
How to Use Piezography Soft Proof Profiles
Understanding 16bit Numbers

In The Piezography Manual Deluxe Edition (available after purchasing Piezography Professional) there are a few more topics covered including:

Linearizing Piezography
Custom Tuning the Piezography System
PiezoDN and The Digital Negative


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