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Piezography Community Edition is where you find The Piezography Manual, our free Piezography Curves Archive for printing exceptional monochrome prints with Piezography K6, P2, & K7 and Pro ink, and other useful Tools needed to bring your studio practice to the next level.


The curves folder is where you find all the QuadtoneRIP “.quad” Piezography curves for your printer. Install QuadtoneRIP first, then install the Piezography Community Edition. On the Mac, each curve folder is found at Applications>Piezography>Curves>(your printer’s curve folder) and has an Install.command for each printer those curves are built for. Simply plug in your printer and double-click the install.command to install the printer and curves. On the PC, these curves can simply be dragged and dropped into C:/ProgramFiles/QuadToneRIP/QuadTone/(Your Piezography Printer Model) and they will show up in the QTRgui application. *Piezography Pro Curves will be added to this package when the ink is available.

The curves-hd folder is where you find all the curves that are built for our new HDPK (High Density Photo Black) and UltraHD MK (High Density Matte Black) black ink.

Documentation is where you’ll find helpful information on the Piezography process, ethos, and movement. These PDFs will get you started and hold your hand through the entire process. This will be continually updated and added to as the Piezography package is updated over time. The main documentation in this folder is The Piezography Manual. We at InkjetMall recommend you read it!

The Piezography workflow is helped by ICCs. These ICC profiles enable you to simulate on your monitor the specific color and tonal values for your ink and paper combination. After installing Piezography Community Edition on the Mac, the ICCs are already installed and updated into the system and will appear in your ICC profile list automatically. If you want to add your own ICC profiles, simply drag new profiles into the SoftProofing sub­folder and they will be installed instantly. On the PC, you drag and drop all the ICCs into C:/Windows/system32/spool/drivers/color.

Practitioners of Piezography often find it useful to check the linearization of their own curves. We have included a set of target files and workflows for that purpose. There is also a set of QuadtoneRIP channel flushing images that enable the flushing/purging of individual ink­lines in a printer using QuadtoneRIP. *Piezography Professional Edition has a much larger set of targets for actually linearizing your curves yourself.

We offer a custom curve profiling service and the target files and documentation for this service are found here.

Over the coming years we will be adding a set of tools for quality-controlling the Piezography print studio. The first tool is an updated Linearization Checker spreadsheet! *Piezography Professional Edition has many more tools.


Printing Requirements: OS X 10.6 or later, QuadtoneRIP, Piezography Ink, Print-Tool
File Name: 

Optional Requirements: i1Pro (or equivalent) Spectrophotometer


Printing Requirements: Windows XP or later, QuadtoneRIP + Curve Tools, Piezography Ink
File Name: 

Optional Requirements: i1Pro (or equivalent) Spectrophotometer


v2.01 ~ 11/16/2017 Bug fix. Added Neutral K6 and P2 UltraHD-MK (UHD) curves for all printers.

v2.0 ~ 11/15/2017 Major update. Added over 3500 curves for all “legacy” Piezography inksets (Selenium, Carbon, Warm Neutral, Neutral, Special Edition) in P2 and K6 ink configuration mode. The K6 curves are compatible with any printer that is currently set up with K7 ink. These new curves are built for the new HDPK (High Density Photo Black) and UltraHD-MK black inks. Simply take out the old (WN1 PK and NU1 MK) black inks and replace with the newer black inks and use the new HD curves. The new curves live at >Piezography>Curves-HD>(your printer model). Also added more general Piezography and Piezography Pro soft-proof profiles. The Piezography Pro profiles show popular splits. These new softproof profiles are built for the HDPK and UltraHD-MK black inks. On the OS X side, this installer is now signed, meaning it won’t come up with bothersome security warnings when you double click the install pkg. Added curve support for wide format (24″ and 44″) SC-P printers for those who are not in the US and have working refille cartridges. P400, P600, and P800 printers will have to wait for our upcoming Piezography Driver as we see micro-banding on these smaller formats with QuadtoneRIP.

v1.94 ~ 05/03/2017 Minor OS X bug smush. Fixed permissions on 4880, 7880, and 9880 P2 installer commands.

v1.93 ~ 04/20/2017 Added Chinese SureColor P-Series printer install commands (beta curves and install commands) in >Piezography>Curves>xxx-NON-US PRINTERS (mac only) Move each printer folder to the main >Applications>Piezography>Curves folder before double-clicking the install commands.

v1.91 ~ 03/2/2017 Bug fix of the bug fix. This release fixes an issue where SoftProofing profiles are not installed on some versions of OS X.

v1.9 ~ 02/21/2017 !! IMPORTANT BUG FIX. This release fixes an alias incompatibility with i1Profiler that causes i1Profiler to crash when creating RGB ICC profiles. If you are a customer of PiezoDN you should also download and install the upgrade to that software as well to completely eliminate the problem. This release of Community Edition also adds a missing Piezography Pro K4 Cool Gloss profile in the 7900-9900-K4 Pro folder.

v1.8 ~ 01/23/2017 Bug Fix for R3000 and R2880 Canson Platine and Canson PhotoSatin Neutral Piezo Pro curves.

v1.7 ~ 01/19/2017 Added new Gloss PK (WN1) K7 and P2 master curves for x900 series printers. Added new Gloss PK-HD (High Density black) K7 and P2 master curves for x800,x880,x900 printers. The new PK-HD master curves are meant for upcoming Piezography PK-HD ink and will get a dMax of between 2.74 and 2.83 on most gloss and semi-gloss papers. These new PK-HD Piezography curves are not single-pass gloss curves. Like all traditional (non-pro) inkset curves, you must use Gloss Optimizer as a second pass to get the desired dMax and gloss characteristics.

v1.6 ~ 01/11/2017 New Matte Black master K7 curves for x800,x880,x890 and x900 printers (these new curves will work with both Neutral 1 “traditional Piezography MK ink” and the new UltraHD-MK ink however they are linearized for the UltraHD-MK for dMax between 1.76 and 1.83 depending upon paper used. Added new Gloss x800x880 master curves for traditional Piezography PK (WN1) that optimize dMax (after glossing w/ a second pass) as well as decrease total ink amount. *These new gloss master curves print a small amount of GO along with the first ink pass as well mainly to decrease gloss differential from the second pass print when GO’ing very glossy paper. It also helps with the stability and scratch resistance of the paper surface. These new Gloss Master curves are not built for the new HD-PK ink yet. That will be coming.

v1.5 ~ 01/11/2017 New Matte Black curves for UltraHD-MK (compatible with normal MK too) Ink for x800 and x880 printers for Carbon, Selenium, Neutral, Warm Neutral, Special Edition. K6 master curve (built off of selenium) for x900 and x890 printers. This is only K6 to start! Will require DIY linearization or custom linearization by InkjetMall for your specific paper if you see it printing funny and until we re-profile Piezography in the coming year for the new extra-dark Matte Black ink.

v1.4 ~ 01/11/2017 Bug Fixes: Fixed a OS X version typo where Install4900-ProK4.command should have been named Install4900-ProK5.command. Fixed malformed curves: x900-Canson-EdEtch-Warm.quad, x900-Cone-Type2-Warm.quad, x900-Hahn-AlbDurer-Warm.quad, x900-Hahn-Bamboo-Warm.quad, x900-Hahn-MusEtch-Warm.quad

v1.3 ~ Added international (non-US) printer support & curves.

v1.2 ~ Added Piezography Pro ink curves for R2000, R3000, R2880, 3800, 3880, 4800, 4880, 4900, 7800, 7880, 7890, 7900, 9800, 9880, 9890, 9900, and 11880. Updated Piezography Manual to 2016v3 with ink position charts for all ink sets and supported printers as well as Pro documentation (for how to actually use and print with the Pro Curves).

v1.1 ~ Added The Piezography Manual Community Edition to the Windows version.

v1.0 ~ Added new documentation.

v0.9 ~ Added to P2 curves, added new K7 curves, changed some curve schemas.

v0.8 ~ Added 21step Linearization Checker.

v0.7 ~ Added 21step targets for Spyder, ColorMunki, i1Pro v1, i1Pro v2, ISISv1, ISISv2, i1io, DTP70, and more. (All other targets are available with the Piezography Professional Edition. Linearization documentation and tool are also available in the Piezography Professional Edition. 21step targets are only for checking linearization.)

v0.6 ~ Re-built and debugged i1Profiler and ColorPort targets to be light-to-dark instead of dark-to-light. Deleted Meth1 and Meth3 neg curves (these are now available in a converted form in the PiezoDN installer). Updated the Custom Curve service target and workflow. Added Piezography Manual 2016 Edition. Updated printer installers. Updated permissions. Updated 3880 curves. Unified curve name schema.

v0.5 ~ Added experimental curves folder + welcome PDF.

v0.4 ~ Added rough draft of Piezography Manual 2016 Edition + more curves.

v0.3 ~ Added soft-proof ICCs and updated OS X installer to automatically install said ICCs.

v0.2 ~ Added curves collection, targets, images, Printer Installers, and Flush Images.

v0.1 Beta ~ Base install.


ColorMunki Target

Finish new 256 patch linearization service, upgrade internal Piezography profiler to enable iterative lins


Add more P2 (K6) curves for the rest of the x880 printers.

P2 (K6) curves fo x900 printers

P600, P800 K7 and P2 (K6) curves


Epson 890 K6 Ink, Epson 1280 K6 Ink, Epson 1290 K6 Ink, Epson 1400 K6 Ink, Epson 1430 K6 Ink, Epson 2100 K7 Ink, Epson 2200 K7 Ink, Epson 3800 K7 Ink, Epson 3880 K7 Ink, Epson 4000 K7 Ink, Epson 4800 K7 Ink, Epson 4800 P2 Ink, Epson 4880 K7 Ink, Epson 4880 P2 Ink, Epson 4900 K7 Ink, Epson 7000 K6 Ink, Epson 7500 K6 Ink, Epson 7600 K7 Ink, Epson 7800 K7 Ink, Epson 7800 P2 Ink, Epson 7880 K7 Ink, Epson 7880 P2 Ink, Epson 7890 K7 Ink, Epson 7900 K7 Ink, Epson 9000 K6 Ink, Epson 9500 K6 Ink, Epson 9600 K7 Ink, Epson 9800 K7 Ink, Epson 9880 K7 Ink, Epson 9880 P2 Ink, Epson 9890 K7 Ink, Epson 9900 K7 Ink, Epson 11880 K7 Ink, Epson R200 K6 Ink, Epson R220 K6 Ink, Epson R300 K6 Ink, Epson R320 K6 Ink, Epson R340 K6 Ink, Epson R800 K7 Ink, Epson R1900 K7 Ink, Epson R2000 K7 Ink, Epson R2400 K7 Ink, Epson R2880 K7 Ink, Epson R3000 K7 Ink

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