Piezography K6/K7 ink comes in 5 hues:

Neutral, Selenium, Carbon, Special Edition, and Warm Neutral.

The ink is micro-encapsulated and gloss compatible. The carbon particles in Piezography ink reflect and diffract light in very unique ways. Prints made with Piezography ink have a special tonal “depth” that is hard to explain verbally but when people see a print, they get it. Piezography ink also makes possible the finest digital negative process in the world: PiezoDN. Piezography is printed with the legendary QuadtoneRIP software by Roy Harrington.

Neutral Reference Image
Piezography Carbon Ink on Cone Type 2 Paper
Piezography Special Edition Ink on Cone Type 2 Paper
Piezography Selenium Ink on Cone Type 2 Paper
Piezography Neutral Ink on Cone Type 2 Paper
Piezography Warm Neutral Ink on Cone Type 2 Paper

Piezography is designed for ease of use. Reviewing our extensive instruction manual is essential to a successful start. Piezography will generate exceptionally better results than using color inks and Epson ABW. We give you tens of thousands of gray levels without struggle.

Our seven gradated shades of carbon-based pigment ink create a grayscale image with more divisible gradations than found in Epson’s ABW, MIS Unitone, or HP’s quadtone systems.

Seven gradated inks combined with our proprietary profiling process produce enhanced highlight and shadow detail that exceeds what is capable using silver-based or platinum-based traditional darkroom processes.

Increased printer resolution produces contact-print, tack sharp results throughout all tonal values from dark to light even at enlargement. The manufacturer’s print driver is eliminated. Proprietary Piezography curves, in combination with QuadtoneRIP (built on Gutenprint), are utilized to eliminate the manufacturers low-frequency dithering.

Glossy Piezography prints are free of metamerism and bronzing. They appear as virtual replicants of air-dried darkroom fiber-based silver prints. No gloss differential exists between the printed parts of the image and the non-printed parts of the paper. Piezography Glossy is the only process that truly imitates the surface and reflection qualities of traditional darkroom printing.*

Piezography’s unique surface quality expresses exceptional depth of image. The longevity of a Piezography print includes stability to its color tone as well as density.


*Photo by John Dean

Piezography is designed for the beginner as well as the professional artists: in short, all levels of experience. You don’t need to be a photographer to enjoy Piezography! This printing process is utilized by a spectrum of people doing all sorts of interesting work.