The distinctive qualities of a Piezography print are:

  • By using seven distinct shades of carbon based pigment ink, a grayscale image is divided into more divisible gradations than can be realized when using only three shades as found in systems such as Epson ABW and MIS Unitone, or four shades as found in the HP quadtone sytems.
  • Seven shades of ink combined with our proprietary profiling process produce enhanced highlight and shadow detail that exceed what is capable using silver-based or platinum-based traditional darkroom processes.
  • Increased resolution from the printer on which it is installed produces contact-print, tack sharp results even at enlargement. The manufacturer’s print driver is eliminated and a proprietary Piezography curves structure is utilized that eliminates the low-frequency dithering from the manufacturer’s intended process.
  • Pure monochromatic tone based on either Carbon, Selenium, Neutral, Warm Neutral or several SplitTone™ inksets, and Special Edition our Pt/Pd imitator.
  • Proprietary structure of Piezography pigments produce zero metamerism.
  • Glossy Piezography prints are metamerism-free and bronze-free, appearing to be virtual replicants of air-dried darkroom fiber-based silver prints. There is no gloss differential between the printed parts of the image and the non-printed parts of the paper. Piezography Glossy prints is the only process that truly imitates the surface and reflection qualities of traditional darkroom printing.
  • A unique surface quality that reflects light in a manner that suggests depth.
  • The longevity of a Piezography print includes stability to its color tone as well as density.

Piezography® is a USA registered trademark for a system of monochromatic inks and software that I have been developing since 1994. Piezography has a users base of thousands of photographers worldwide who are producing their own prints with the inkjet systems that I produce and sell to the public.