About Me

I’m Jon Cone, the web guy, the blog guy, the inventor, and the developer of Piezography. I’m also a photographer and a printmaker. I’ve been digitally printmaking longer than anyone else and continue to run Cone Editions Press with Cathy Cone.

We’ve been providing innovative printmaking solutions since 1980 and we’ve been digital since 1984. We’ve run the entire gamut from intaglio, aquatint-photogravure, woodcut, monoprint, screenprint, lithograph to early computer printmaking to IRIS inkjet, to Epson and Roland printing. Along the way we invented quad black inkjet printing for IRIS Graphics and setup 50 of the first digital printmaking studios in the early 1990s.

As photographers, printmakers and artists we’re quite active. We also own and operate Vermont PhotoInkjet which owns and operates InkjetMall. We do inkjet development and we sell these solutions to other distributors and resellers under our own Brand Names as well as private label. It may seem like we do a lot, but we see all of this activity as the type of work that should be done by pioneering digital innovators. If it’s unavailable, we want to make it available.

We’re not armchair quarterbacks advising on how to use products that others make. We’re artists who develop our own materials and we share these with others. We teach. We print. We photograph. We develop. We design. We use. We advise. It’s all actually not very complicated at all. We have an amazing support staff and our entire organization fits under one very large roof in a rural location in Vermont. Come visit us!

If you want to read more about my history as an artist, printmaker, developer of technology, and educator you can click here.