Installing Piezotone inks in Epson® Stylus Color 3000 printers



This document explains how to change an ink set to Piezotone inks, in an EPSON® Stylus Color 3000 printer. It also discusses important information relevant to the EPSON® Stylus Color 3000.



Preliminary steps

Ink Change Procedure

Important Information on overuse of flush cycle on this printer

Information on location of ink cartridges in this printer



Preliminary Steps


Printer Testing

Verify that your printer functions perfectly with Epson inks. In addition to printing a perfect nozzle check, make certain that the printer does not have unfixable banding problems by making test prints. Take the time to scrutinize your printer’s performance before the next step. It is not possible to diagnose many printing problems on a printer that has not first been tested with Epson inks.


Information about the printer waste ink counter and flushing cycles

The ink change procedure described below flushes a lot of fluid through your printer, both old ink and flush fluid. This flushed liquid is absorbed by a waste ink pad inside the printer. A waste ink counter keeps track of the amount of fluid in the printer, and once it reaches a certain level the printer will lock up, and not allow you to print, until you can have the printer serviced, the waste ink removed and the waste ink pad replaced by an Epson service center. Because of the cost and time involved in fixing your printer, use the procedure below as few times as possible. In the third section of this document is helpful information on how to avoid excess cleaning cycles.


Items needed on hand to change inks:

·          A set of flush cartridges,

·          A set of Piezotone ink cartridges.



Ink Change procedure, using flushing cycles

1.       Turn on the printer. Once it has finished its start up cycle and is ready to print, remove the ink cartridges.

2.       Turn off the printer.  The printer will begin purging the ink into the waste pads.  This cycle lasts about one minute.

3.       Turn the printer ON.  Install the set of flush cartridges during the first flush, and Piezotone cartridges during the second flush.  Upon inserting the fourth cartridge, the printer will begin an initial filling routine.  This cycle takes approximately 8 minutes.  Do not turn off or unplug the printer during this cycle.

4.       Print the “flush image” (found here) two times on typing paper. Its purpose is to remove flush fluid or ink in the print head.

5.       After you have run the first flush cycle and the printer has flush fluid in it, turn off the printer and allow the flush fluid to “soak” in the printer overnight. This will help dissolve any old ink residue.

6.       Repeat steps 1-4 to change from flush fluid to ink.

7.       To store the ink and flush fluid cartridges you have removed, clean off the nipple on the end of the cartridge with a damp paper towel.  Use clear tape to seal the cartridge, place the cartridges into plastic bags and seal them.



Important information about the Epson 3000 printer:

·          More than with other Epson printer models, the 3000 must be used regularly to work well. The plastic tubes that carry the ink from the cartridges to the print head can react with the ink and cause it to lose density, if the ink is allowed to stagnate in the printer. This can happen if the printer is unused for as little as one month. Once it occurs the only way to fix the problem is to run another flush cycle, to push out the stagnant ink from the tubes. As mentioned above, extra flush cycles should be avoided if possible. To keep the printer working correctly you must use it every week or two. If you have no plans to print images that frequently, continue to turn on the printer and print small “maintenance” images on typing paper, to keep the printer working properly.

·          The 3000 printer was designed to accept 110ml cartridges. Since Piezotone ink cartridges contain 220ml of ink, the first time each cartridge reads “empty,” it is still half-full. To reset the ink level counter on a half-full cartridge, simply pull it out of the printer and reinsert it while the printer is turned on. Only remove one cartridge at a time: if you remove all four cartridges at once, you will start another flush cycle!



Information on location of ink cartridges in this printer. The table below lists the positions of the four PiezoTone ink cartridges in this printer. This applies to 3000 printers using Piezography BW ICC profiles, iQuads or the Piezography BW plug-in system (discontinued).


“Color” slot in printer

PiezoTone ink shade




Dark Gray


Medium Gray


Light Gray