Ink Change procedure for Epson Stylus Photo 2100, 2200, R1800, R800, R2400, R2880, 3800 Printers, using Piezography K7 prefilled ink cartridges


Summary Use the procedures below to install prefilled Piezotone or Piezography NK6 or NK7 ink cartridges in the following printers listed above. If you wish to install a Continuous Inking System (CIS) on your printer, please use the documentation that came with the CIS. For information on ink fill order when filling a CIS with Piezography K7 inks, please refer to these tables for information for your specific printer model.



Preliminary steps

Ink Change Procedures

Storage of previously used K7 ink cartridges



Preliminary Steps


Printer Testing

Verify that your printer functions perfectly with Epson inks. In addition to printing a perfect nozzle check, make certain that the printer does not have unfixable banding problems by making test prints. Take the time to scrutinize your printer’s performance before the next step. It is not possible to diagnose many printing problems on a printer that has not first been tested with Epson inks.


Item Needed

Set of Piezography Neutral K7 ink cartridges



Ink change procedure without flush cartridges

1.       Test the printer with Epson inks to verify that it functions perfectly.

2.       Push the ink change button, and when the print head moves to the cartridge change position, remove the Epson cartridges and install the Piezography Neutral K7 cartridges after you have peeled off the vent tabs. Close the cartridge lids and return the print head to the parked position, by pushing the ink change button again.

3.       The printer will sense that new cartridges have been installed and will run through a small purge cycle, that will take a minute or so. When this cycle has completed, print two copies of the “flush image” [found here]. The flush image will change from color to grayscale, as the Neutral K7 ink displaces the color ink during printing. If you have an R1800 or R800 printer, print the image using once using the “Enhanced Matte” paper media setting, and once using the “Premium Glossy” paper media setting. This will allow the matte and photo black cartridges to print, as well as the Gloss Optimizer cartridge.

4.       Verify that you have a perfect nozzle check pattern before printing images. Note that on the R1800, R800 and R2400 printers, which all have a PiezoFlush cartridge in the eighth cartridge slot, one of the patterns within the nozzle check pattern will be red; whereas the others will be shades of gray.


Storage of previously used K7 ink cartridges

You may wish to remove  and save one or more cartirdges that you have removed from your printer, for use in the future. This may happen if you change to a color ink set or create a new monochromatic  ink set using either one, or a combination of both Piezography K7 ink tones. In these cases, after removing the cartridges from your printer, and installing the next set of cartridges into the printer, place the removed cartridges in plastic bags, close the bags tightly to minimize ink evaporation, and place the cartridges in a box so that they sit upright, as they do when they are in the printer. Storing a previously opened cartridge on its side or upside down will allow ink to leak out of the air vent holes.